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4 Reasons to Wear Upcycled Glass Mosaic Tiles as Jewellery

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

You may be used to only seeing glass tiles on amazing interior designs. With different colours and varied sizes and shapes, these materials are durable and there is no doubt they can style any ambient. But have you ever thought about wearing them?

Upcycled mosaic glass tiles are the base of our Architectural collection. Made from various sources, these materials can be broken pieces at fabrication, construction or renovation waste or even domestic collection. Learn below about four reasons for reframing mosaic glass tiles and be inspired to add our pieces to your jewellery collection.

1. You will reduce waste

More commonly found in creative mosaics, the glass tiles can also become a type of art you can wear. By choosing this type of piece, you will contribute to reducing waste and also support an eco-friendly way of fashion.

Give an upcycled and stylish touch to your outfit with our Élan Triangle Shape Glass & Brushed Steel Bracelet, which presents a black mosaic glass tile connected to geometric-shaped brushed steel and finished with vegan black leather and a magnetic lock clasp closure.

2. Have durable jewellery

As per its nature, glass tiles are durable materials, which will make your jewellery something that will not become a waste or that can get damaged so easily. A great investment, for sure.

Style your outfit with our Élan Square Tan Glass Earrings with Leather Detail, featured by a combination of tan glass tiles and black vegan leather, being finished with surgical antiallergic steel studs.

3. Be modern

As the architecture itself is always looking for modern and stylish shapes and colours, the glass tiles follow this pattern and our collection offers you jewellery you can’t easily find anywhere. The best way to be unique and trendy.

Give this modern touch to your style with our Élan White Square Statement Ring, a delicate white squared glass tile. This lightweight piece is also finished with vegan black leather.

4. Easy to care

The pieces made from glass tiles are naturally easy to clean, as per their original purpose. They also won't get stained or lose their shade with time.

Try our Élan Bar Black Glass Mosaic Necklace. This upcycled handmade piece presents black glass tiles finished with a vegan leather cord that allows shortening or extending the size as your wish. The piece can also be worn in different angles, being adaptable to any outfit.

From the most inspiring architectural designs, these pieces are the best choice to upgrade your jewellery collection. Elegance, creativity and eccentrics are the keywords to this collection, or, better saying, your new essential jewellery.

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