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We believe in beauty, but not in the narrow confines of outdated magazine covers. For us, beauty is a symbol of perfect imperfection that makes each of us unique and singular.

In today's world, the trend is all about embracing the freedom to be whoever we want, whenever we want, and as many times as we want. There are no limits to expressing our true selves.

This inspiration drives us to create and present personalised jewellery and accessories. We curate a diverse range of natural, sustainable, and alternative elements to be your companions on this incredible journey of self-expression.

Our purpose is not to make you feel beautiful; it is to empower you and amplify your courage, strength, and that radiant smile when you look in the mirror. We are here to celebrate your individuality and help you showcase it to the world.

Welcome to ornamental!

Discover new possibilities and creativity within our jewellery collections, inspiring you to embrace and express your unique personality.

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Maria Lopes

The visionary behind Ornamental, is a talented architect and interior design specialist with over 13 years of experience. Originally from Brazil, she has made her mark in both her home country and the United Kingdom.

Since relocating to London in 2013, Maria has been transforming properties and creating stunning designs for the short-term rental industry. Her expertise in optimizing spaces and creating unique atmospheres has earned her a reputation for excellence.

With the impact of the global pandemic, Maria's determination to make a difference and her passion for design took on a new dimension. Recognizing the need for resilience and adaptability, she seized the opportunity to embark on a new venture. Ornamental emerged as a result, showcasing her love for creativity, appreciation for unconventional materials, and her unwavering vision to empower individuals through style. In a time of uncertainty, Maria's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to craftsmanship have brought forth a brand that celebrates self-expression, resilience, and the beauty of embracing individuality.
With Ornamental, Maria aims to offer a distinctive and sustainable approach to jewellery and accessories. Each piece reflects her experiences, interests, and dedication to craftsmanship. By wearing Ornamental, you not only express your individuality but also join Maria on a remarkable journey of self-expression and empowerment.

Discover the world of Ornamental and experience the unique blend of architectural influence, cosmopolitan vibes and vibrant creativity!

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Join us in shaping a fashion-forward future, one stunning piece at a time.

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