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3 Jewellery Trends you can't miss in 2023

We love to share inspiration for you to match the latest fashion trends with our jewellery collections!

The fashion industry is saying that the biggest jewellery trend for this year is investing in accessories as a self-gift and we can all agree that there is no better way to bold your style than adding jewellery that reflects your personality and creativity. To help you find the best options, we selected 3 top trends for 2023.

Bold Cuffs

This trend was seen in many runways, giving the wrist a bold touch. Style your outfit with our handmade and upcycled Élan Red Square Glass bracelet. The right choice to express your power and creativity. Also available in black.

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Look-at-Me Earrings

Bold and big pieces, with different shapes and tones, are a must-have for this year, such as our Fika Geometric Acrylic Drop Earring, square shapes elaborated from coloured and vibrating acrylic.

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Green everywhere

Different tones of green, presented in creative shapes and materials, are definitely a trend for this year. Try our Flâneur Mismatched Geometric Clay Earrings. Handmade with black clay and finished with a shining green enamel, they add a particular character to your style. Also available in Black & Grey or Black & Tan.

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