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Ornamental Celebration Week

One year ago we were happy to launch our brand and offer unique, creative and environmentally friendly jewellery and accessories to you. Today, we are missing words to express how grateful we are for what we achieved so far. And there is more to come!

Inspired by the old French word “Ournement”, we bring the idea of adorning, decorating and even embellishing to these times where sustainable resources and creativity are more than just a possibility. Using a mix of natural, upcycled, cruelty-free and alternative elements, we build a new concept to buy and use jewellery.

At Ornamental, we believe in beauty, but not only in its external perception. Our ornaments are mostly handmade, created in small batches, allergy and cruelty-free and specially made for you not to feel only beautiful, but empowered and reassured that your personality is well expressed through your style and choices.

Our collections are a voicing of possibilities, creativity and courage of what you can do when you believe in your own power.

We have said this before: we are not here to make you only feel pretty but powerful.

This is Ornamental. We are growing up fast and we are thrilled to celebrate our first anniversary! And as you are essential on our journey, we would like to celebrate this date and offer a special surprise!

From today until 31st January 2023, enjoy up to 20% OFF on all of our products with free UK delivery! Plus, you will receive an extra exclusive gift when you spend £30 or more! (this is really a surprise you will only discover when it's delivered to your house!)

Explore our Collections here and create new ways to express your personality and style.

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