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4 Natural Stones and their energy

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We are always searching for the best resources to present to our customers products that are not only beautiful and trendy but also have a meaning. Our Natural Stones Collection is all about meaning. Learn more about the uses and power associated with four stones that feature our range of products. You can shop the Natural Stones collection here.


This semi-precious gemstone is known for its healing properties of tapping into your own well of creativity and connecting you with the higher consciousness.

To feel the power of Labradorite stone with you every day, add this Kefi Labradorite Twisted Gold Plated Ring to your jewellery collection.

Rose Quartz

The semi-precious Rose Quartz gemstone is famous around the world for its properties as a healing crystal and also as the stone of unconditional love.

Try to style your outfit with this tender and caring protection by adding our Kefi Rose Quartz Gold Plated Necklace to your favourite outfit.


This semi-precious gemstone is famous for its power of increasing your self-esteem and confidence and clearing away any negative thoughts.

That's definitely a good stone to have with you every day, right?

Give a delicate touch to your style with these Kefi Amazonite Gold Plated Earrings and start pushing away any bad thoughts!


This semi-precious gemstone brings order, emotional balance and calmness to mind. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with verbalisation of feelings.

Try our Kefi Sodalite Gold Plated Necklace and feel this strong energy with you while styling your outfit.

From the earth straightway to your jewellery collection, these pieces are made with natural materials, to empower the way you express yourself to the world!

Discover more about our Natural Stones Collection and feel energised while styling your outfit.

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